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Down To Earth Recycling can provide complete support for all of the paper grades you will be generating. We have a long-term need for all of the grades listed below and will commit to purchase these from your company on a contractual basis if you desire.

  • Mixed Paper
  • Box Board Cuttings
  • News
  • OCC
  • SOP
  • Sorted White Ledger
  • New DLK Cuttings
  • White News Blanks
  • Coated Soft White Shavings
  • Hard White Shavings
  • Hard White Env. Cuts
  • CPO (w/ non-impact)
  • Unprint bleached sulfate

Ask us to develop a customized recycling program to fit your needs. We are your one contact for hauling, payment and technical questions.

Click here for a FREE onsite waste audit.


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